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To Physician and other Professionals

Individuals who are involved in medical situations feel overwhelmed at times by the details and novelty of their experience. The emotionally reactive client or patient finds it difficult to focus on the decisions that must be made or the challenges that must be faced. The confused and anxious client does not effectively process much of the detail that is presented to them.

image of men walking on a pathWhen you refer a client or patient to me, I help that individual by listening to their emotional reactions and their thinking processes. I support them in organizing their experience so that they are cognitively receptive. With lowered emotional reactivity and increased cognitive focus the patient can benefit optimally from the appointment time with you.

I have extensive experience with complex cases that have medical aspects. I provide psychotherapy with an aim to keep the patient’s trauma and resistance from escalating. When a patient knows that they will be talking about their experience and processing their reactions in a safe and sequestered space, they are less likely to feel victimized and more able to continually process the meaning of what they are going through, no matter how stressful the circumstances are. This steadfast focus allows the patient to become a collaborator with their professional team.

Carol Fahy PhD PsyD

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